Our Services

Economic Development

Our team includes expertise in international trade, consumer and competition policy, and investment, public affairs, and political and economic relations. The firm is led by David E. Wynne, a former Canadian Senior Trade Commissioner serving in Korea, Singapore and Japan, and twenty years of business experience in the Asia Pacific region, leading tech, investment and trade advisory companies. Through this, the firm has developed deep government and business networks in Asia, in the areas inter alia of trade policy, consumer protection and ITC, biotech, robotics, cleantech, energy, finance, business law, data, AI and venture capital.

Greentech Asia is positioned to provide a variety of research services, including:

Survey design and implementation
Interviews, panels, focus groups and stakeholder engagement
Desktop research
Economic modelling and analysis
Supply chain and systems analysis
Risk assessment

Market Research

It is a truism that market research is an essential first step before entering a market. Ongoing research is also essential in regions of dynamic growth where even months can introduce critical change.

General market reports often miss the crucial details necessary for management to make informed decisions.  Business is rarely limited to a buy-seller relationship, but exists in its own ecosystem and needs to be in tune with a range of factors beyond simple demand growth.

We tailor our market research for individual clients, and  research includes on-the-ground resources. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your own interests. We maintain strict client confidentiality on all queries. 

Market Entry Support

If you are a new exporter or thinking of expanding your business to Asia…..

Our practice is based on years of experience guiding and assisting both small and large companies successfully enter and grow in Asian markets. We understand that entering a new market is not only a SWOT process, but requires an understanding of the human and cultural factors as well as the business environment. 

or looking for new technologies or products to help grow your business..

We have extensive contacts through our client base, and with research institutes, universities and technology repositories in North American and Asia.  

We can support your business by:

providing B2B and trade show support

– providing a tailored, practical competitive analysis to help you position your products or services

– mapping your market entry and marketing and distribution strategies

– advising on how to approach local government programs for tax benefits, grants, loans and other sources of support

– connecting you to PE and other financing.

– providing expert advice and support on public relations 

– providing interim Board and management support to augment your team for new operations. Please contact us

Training and Capacity Building

Greentech Asia is committed to providing opportunity for the policy leaders of today and tomorrow. Our services in this area include:

– bespoke seminars, facilitation and training programs for policymakers on a range of issues, including gender and diversity, consumer protection, supply chain risk analysis and more

– training materials and handbooks for policymakers in our areas of focus

– quality, competitive, paid internships for university students and recent graduates


As a research organization, we are proud to provide opportunities for students interested in public policy. Through internships, mentorship programs, and other initiatives, we offer hands-on learning experiences that allow students to gain valuable skills and knowledge. Our commitment to mentorship and the development of tomorrow’s leaders is at the heart of what we do, and we take great pride in the positive impact our work has on the next generation of public policy professionals. By providing these opportunities, we are helping to build a diverse and well-equipped workforce that is ready to tackle the complex challenges facing society.

We work closely with a several institutions such as the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University alongside various provincial and federal Canadian government initiatives to provide valuable opportunities to young Canadians.