BC’s Asia Pacific Tourism Opportunities

December 7, 2022

A longstanding destination for Asian tourists due to proximity, natural beauty, reputation, as well as cultural and family ties, opportunities abound in British Columbia tourism in 2023 and beyond. As British Columbia welcomes back tourists from many Asian countries, it is important to engage with evolving consumer preferences with regards to sustainability, experiences, and products – in particular, where they overlap with BC’s own environmental and socioeconomic goals.

The Asia-Pacific accounts or 60% of the global population and are increasingly interested in sustainable and experiential travel. Recent data suggests that Asian consumers have a notably higher preference for sustainable travel (20% higher than those from Americas and 15% higher than Europe). [1] In addition to seeking sustainable experiences, more are looking for ‘slow travel’ or experiences where they can immerse themselves in local culture. [2] A recent survey found that a stay at an Eco-luxury, local accommodation is at the top of the list for Asian travelers.[3]

With numerous direct flights to Asia and abundant opportunities for cultural and eco experiences, BC is uniquely positioned to capitalize on these evolving trends.  These could include nature-based retreats and/or First Nations experiences with opportunities for unique, cultural immersion and learning.  BC has abundant opportunity to provide experiences as interest from Asian tourists grow in areas such as  nature, cultures/history, spirituality, and unique experiences that can be shared with their social networks.

At Greentech Asia, we are engaging stakeholders across British Columbia and in Asian markets to find synergies for expanding tourism and improving its impact.

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[3] https://travindy.com/2022/09/asian-travelers-rising-preference-for-sustainability-presses-industry-players-to-meet-expectation/

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